We proposea software solutionto raise funds for ICO

The main function of Software Solution is to simplify ICO process management. Private Cabinet is important not only for investors, but also for ICO founders.The key point ensuring investor confidence is the transparency of the funds transfer and receipt of payments in cryptocurrency to the Private Cabinet. For founders it means the autonomy of work, automatic settings for bonus accruals and so on.

ICO Administrator’s
Your ICO needs ourPersonal Cabinet

This is the Investor’s Dashboard

Fundraising Platform - is public, available for investors, where tokens are sold

Guide to:

Accept major
peyment methods

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All information about the current ICO is displayed in the Purchase token menu. Here, users can purchase tokens at a specified cost, see the stages and timing of the ICO and see the overall fees for the project. In the multicurrency Cabinet, the user can choose one of the popular crypto currency for payment. The rate is updated once a minute.

Dashboard Features

Multiple cryptocurrencies & fiat money

BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, BCH, Credit Card & Wire transfers support, WEX exchange


Dashboard available in multiple languages (en, ru, es, ch, it, fr, de, kr, jp) and we can translate it to any additional language.


The solution with a compliance role in CMS allows to the validate identity of your backers to avoid legal issues

User friendly

We use social networks and e-mails sign up & log in to increases conversion rates and provide better investment experience.

OTP or 2FA authentication

One-time password (OTP) or two-factor authentication (2FA) secures backers’ account

Admin panel

We provide Admin panel (CMS with ICO settings) where you can easily set, update, and manage manage all of your ICO configurations (wallets, users, purchases, etc)

Referral program

It allows to reward backers for bringing more participants to crowdfund your ICO with custom bonus schemas.

Custom purchased bonus

Assign personalised purchased bonus based on a user profile.


costs of developing private cabinet for ICO
extra services
sale $6000 $12000
ICO investor’s and admin dashboard
  • Payments with cryptocurrencies and bank cards,The full statistics of the crowdsdale,
  • Management and configuration of ICO
  • Smart contact development is included
  • 5 languages
  • Deadline: 3-5 days
  • Token smart-contract or/and Crowdale smart-contract token sale pro included;
  • Token Payments with ETH, BTC;
  • Manual token issuing (private pre-sale);
  • Private Cabinet translated into the most commonly used international languages (English, Russian);
  • Referral program with a list of participants;
  • History of all transactions (write into blockchaine, cabinet smart-contract);
  • Token price calculator;
  • Reverse counter (information about pre-sale bonus during each stage);
  • Information about user’s balance;
  • Information about token price. Binding the price of the token the rate of USD (every minute update)*;
  • Bounty-program;
  • Help and FAQs;
  • Notifications;
  • KYC (Know You Customer);
  • Registration, authorization, password recovery;
  • Links to social networks, passibility of registration using Social Login.
  • - only PC + token smart-contract.
1 500USD
Custom landing page
A fully adaptive landing page that will help you share your ICO idea with investors
Translation of your landing page into the global languages of your choice
Proofreading of multilingual texts in the languages of your choice
mailing lists
Preparation and sending out of emails and push notifications
Help with setting up of smart-contracts for your ICO
Assistance with setting up of CRM to collect leads for pre-ICO
White paper
Assistance with preparation and formatting of a white paper for your ICO

more services


Token concept design

The more your business logic execution relies on smart contract the more interesting your project is for the community. We help companies find the right angle of using blockchain and implement the smart contracts respectively. We design fully comprehensive technology specification and architecture charts, provide your development team training and support your marketing team to get handy with the technological pivot.


more services


ICO smart contract design

We help companies with:
  • Co-creation of conceptual design of their token sale terms Design of PreICO and ICO smart contracts
  • Design of PreICO and ICO smart contracts
  • Testing of smart contracts and deployment of infrastructure

more services


strategic technology design

Under the current market situation, your project may be successful in ICO if it is related to the blockchain and cryptocurrency, and its business model and principles comply with what is considered a common standard in the community. We review companies’ business models and help them adjust / pivot their business towards the growing blockchain ecosystem.


more services


ICO website development

If you need purely technical services that part is easy, you can send me your ICO terms and token mechanics and we will be able to schedule the works to start soon.